Hello everyone, in this post we'll be informing you about what's going on with the server, some of the features that'll be added to this next map, the release date for the upcoming map, and information about the winners for last maps factions top.

When is the release of Map #2?

Due to some recent unfortunate events, we're now forced to delay the release date of map #2. Fortunately for us, this will give me the time needed to perfect the new features we've recently added to the new map. This will also give us time to release the trailer we've got premade for the new map. The trailer will be published somewhere around April 28th.

The new release date for map #2 has been pushed to May 5th, 4PM EST.

What're the features that'll be added this map?

Here is a list of a few things we've added so far, this list is subject to change throughout the week depending on what we want to keep or change.

- Visible Border (10k by 10k)
- Flat End
- Cannot stack on the border
- Gen buckets
- 20 Players per faction
- 50 Power per player
- Daily KoTHs (Every 3 hours)
- Everyone gets faction fly
- /f stealth + /f ninja
- /f motd + /f member + /f coleader + /f global
- Faction recruit rank
- 5 Alts online per IP
- Custom bosses
- Brand new large spawn + warzone
- Disabled natural spawned spawners

Winners of last maps ftop?


Snapchat Owner - SirrNasty - $500 USD

Soviets Owner - Br3akdawn - $250 Buycraft Voucher

Instagram Owner - JustProdigy - $100 Buycraft Voucher

If you are one of these factions owners, please send me a message via these forums for information & to collect your prizes.

Hello everyone!

As most of you probably would've guessed, the beta map of Hyverse is nearing an end. I'm sure most of you are wondering why this map seemed a bit slow after a few weeks of opening, and why we didn't focus on any advertisements.

Considering this map is in its beta stage, it would be useless to open an incomplete beta map with a bunch of advertisements. So we decided to wait until this stage if the map is complete, and used this time to use the suggestions of the members that participated in this map to add almost everything the majority of the playerbase demanded for. We also used this time to fix up a few bugs/glitches, and added certain plugins in replace of corrupted ones.

I'm sure many of you that has spent some time on this reset already know what has been added to improve PvP and the general combat mechanics, and many other things we decided to add. We'll be listing all the added features that we did this map, also with the many features we're adding to map #2 of Hyverse in an information post before the release of map #2. The faction top prizes will be announced and handed out when the information post comes out as well.

Taking into account the features and additions we're adding to the map #2 of Hyverse, we've decided to end this map on the 14th of April, 3PM EST. The release of the new map will be on the 21st of April, 4PM EST. The new map will be coming out with a trailer, and a few other advertisements in order to get the required playerbase for our factions server.

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions or suggestions for or about our new map, then don't hesitate in leaving a comment down below.
Hello everyone,

The long awaited map is releasing in the matter of hours, and this post will inform anyone with questions regarding this map and what it'll have to offer. Although we're not expecting many players on the release of this map, we're going to continue to try our very best to suit the needs of everyone gradually.

World/Map Information

➱ 10k x 10k Overworld Border
➱ 2k x 2k Nether Border
➱ 3k x 3k End Border

The Overworld + Nether will not have natural spawning mob spawners, and will both be released at the same time. The flat end will be released 1 hour after the release of the map at approximately 5PM EST which will give some time for the late comers to have a fair chance in claiming a corner.

Grace period ➱ TNT + Creepers will be disabled until 1 week has passed. TNT + Creepers will be re-enabled on March 10th, 3PM EST.

KoTH ➱ KoTHs will be starting the day when the grace period ends at 3PM EST, and 6PM EST.

All McMMO skills that're not disabled will have a cap of 1000.
All Combat McMMO skills are disabled.

Faction Information

➱ 20 Players per faction
➱ 50 Max Power
➱ 40 Starting Power
➱ 20 Chunk Claim Buffer

Bitch claiming is not allowed within the grace period, unless it's outside of a 20 chunk buffer.

Ftop Prizes

Faction top prizes will go to the top wealthiest factions by the end of this map.

1st Place Prize - $500 USD PayPal
2nd Place Prize - $250 Buycraft Voucher
3rd Place Prize - $100 Buycraft Voucher

NOTICE: Utilizing sell bots will not be tolerable, and will be punish with either an IP-Ban or a balance reset for the individual and or faction involved in using them.

This post will be subject to change at any time for adding new information that comes up in the near future.
We look forward in seeing you all on the reset tomorrow at 4PM EST.

Hello everyone! As most of you already have guessed, Sunraids will be re-branding and releasing as Hyverse in the near future. I'm sure many of you are wondering what will happen with the items you've bought on Sunraids, so I've decided to explain everything in this post by labeling all the information in certain categories.

Who are these new owners?

Let me introduce myself, my nickname in-game is Bomb. I've been interested in Sunraids for the past few months, and have planned out multiple ways to grow our beloved server more and more in the near future. I have spoken to the previous owners of Sunraids, and we came to an agreement which will allow me and my plans to take effect. Without getting too much into it, me and my partner @Dime will be taking over the ownership and management of Sunraids and start leading the server and its community on a new path.

Are you planning on re-branding Sunraids?

Besides the fact that we're keeping the previous community, I think re-branding the server would be the best way to start its new path as a whole. Based on that as most of you have already guessed, we've decided to rename the server from Sunraids to Hyverse.

What's going to happen to our donor ranks?

Fortunately we got our hands on the list of donors, and have already moved everyone to their purchased ranks they've had on previously on Sunraids. We have a new donor rank theme, so be sure to check the Buycraft to view the perks your rank comes with.

When is the release of Hyverse?

Now I'm sure most of you are wondering when the release of Hyverse is going to take place, and we're happy to announce that our official release will be on March 3rd, 4PM EST. Due to this late post and minor...